Sunday Funday

Sundays are for Family

What does a typical Sunday Funday look like in our household? Quite a bit different than just a few years ago! Our Sundays of mimosa and the occasional bloody mary filled brunches are over, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve settled into a more calm and peaceful version of “Sunday Funday”.

We love lazy sundays and spending time with each other. It is difficult to balance that work/family life especially since my husband has a demanding job and I’m always out the door to a photo shoot or heading to the studio to get all of the little in between things done. Some days we are high fiving and tagging the other in as one of us comes home as the other leaves. Being so busy takes it toll on us, so sometimes, it is just nice to have a lazy day to ourselves.

My husband has started the ritual of making homemade apple juice with our son. He absolutely LOVES it! FULL DISCLAIMER: Before you come over to our house and take a sip of our delicious homemade apple juice, just know that G takes a bite of each and every piece of apple that goes into the machine! Hey, an apple a day, right? LOL.

We also love to make a healthy quiche for our breakfast for the week. He loves helping with that too. I think we have a little chef on our hands!

I started snapping photos of them this morning and I thought, “I have to share these, they are amazing.”

Here is a tiny peek into our Sunday life. I hope you enjoy and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday Funday, wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

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