Shawn Sawyer Photography // Branding Session

Kinda Classy, Kinda Hood

When your friend is this bad ass, they have their very own studio, and ask you to do their branding session & headshot photos… you very much say “YES” and have the best time ever.

We did Shawn’s Branding Photos in her studio, The Magnolia House Studio, a few weeks back and lordy did we have a good time. You can clearly tell by the photos. Her studio is so beautifully decorated and has some of the most beautiful light I’ve ever photographed in. (I’m just a tad bit jealous!)

Shawn loves her Family, Whiskey, Bourbon, Photography, Cussing and having a good time. Oh, and did I mention she is a straight up Boss and is one of the best Boudoir Photographers in Hampton Roads? Be sure to head on over to her website and show her some love today!

I’m so lucky to be friends with this amazing woman. I am also honored and humbled that she trusted me to capture her personality perfectly with these photos.

Check out a few of my favorite shots from our session together:

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