Alexis, Dave & Baby G // Maternity Session, North Carolina

I am a tad late on getting these maternity photos out to you but the Holidays were so crazy busy I barely had time to wrap my own gifts and get my tree up. I’m finally getting to my blog so I’ll have a few posts for you in the next few days.  I know you’ve been sitting around waiting for it 😉

Lexi and Dave are two of my closest friends and they are expecting! Words cant begin to explain how excited I am to welcome their baby in the next couple months!

I know she only has an ity bity bump, but what a HUGE surprise it was to announce her pregnancy with these photos.  The session was more of an announcement/ “Hey! I brought my camera to Thanksgiving, want to do a photoshoot” kind of a session.

Can you believe this is someone’s backyard?  I pulled up and almost died when I saw the sun setting across the field with the greens, oranges, yellows, the fence, the trees, the barn and the COWS!  Now I don’t consider myself a city girl by any means.  I’ve even spent my fair share of time on a farm.  But holy cow… literally.  These guys were HUGE and I think they sensed my fear.

During the session we ventured out onto the field (during feeding time, of course) and their big ole bodies and eyes were focused in on us the whole time.  I nearly had a heart attack.  I don’t care how nice cows are, when a two ton animal starts to run towards you, you have every right to jump up and scream like a little girl and high tail it to the gate.  Just for reference, I included a picture of the cows 😉

Enough about the cows.  Congrats to my bestie and her babe on their pregnancy.  We cannot wait to meet the little guy!

Here are just a few of my favorites from their session:


Want to set up a maternity session with Sami Roy?  Give me a shout here and feel free to check out my other maternity sessions on the blog.

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