Photographing Children {Tips and Tricks}

I have been photographing children ever since I started my professional career as a photographer. Over the years I’d like to think that I’ve become quite an expert on it… sometimes I even refer to myself as the “baby whisperer”

tips and tricks when photographing children sami roy photography

Every age is distinct and every child is different. Some will come bursting into the session looking forward to seeing you and are ready for anything. Others might be a little more shy and need some coaxing. Some might not even want to have their photos taken at all. Ahh free will at its finest!

I always do my best to meet the children at their level, chatting with them about what they like, what they have been doing and general getting them comfortable. My favorite time of the year to do children’s portraits is the holidays because there is so much to talk to them about! “What did you dress up as for Halloween?!” “Have you been good this year?? Santa’s coming soon!” “Have you made your Christmas list?” and my favorite “What did you eat for Thanksgiving? I bet you ate all the Turkey!”

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I’m certainly not above playing about and acting like an idiot to coax a grin out of the kiddos. On the other hand, if it means taking everything slightly slower and quieter to make them more comfortable, I can do that too.

At the beginning of every session, I like to begin by photographing parents and the kids together. This helps the kiddos feel comfy and understand the process. They also have Mom and Dad right there to grab onto if they need the moral support!
It is always important for me as the photographer and the parents to stay calm and remember to have fun. Children are sensitive to our emotions and if we are acting stressed and upset, the kiddos will sense our emotions. Sometimes, even the happiest of children, sense the pressure we put on them while we are taking their photos and they do not respond well. Just remember to keep smiling and comforting your littles during your photo session!

Ideally, after the first 10 minutes of meeting me, if I’ve done my job at making them comfortable, they will be happy and ready to ham it up and up for the whole photoshoot.

I sincerely believe in my process while photographing children! I know it works because year after year, they remember me and we always have so much fun at our sessions year after year!

tips and tricks when photographing children sami roy photography

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