Tripp + Amanda // The Yacht Club at Marina Shores Wedding

Tripp and Amanda are married!!

These two love birds tied the knot on October 9th, 2016 at the Yacht Club at Marina Shores.  (PS I LOVE this venue because it where I tied the knot!)

If you live in Virginia or on the East Coast at all, you know that was the weekend that Hurricane Matthew came through and thwarted everyone’s plans.    The news forecasters called for heavy rain and heavy winds for the Hampton Roads area, and that was it.  Nothing more, no need to prep, no need to worry.

Usually we over prepare for storms but this time we were not prepared at all.  I was reading horror stories about weddings being canceled, vendors and guests being stranded at wedding locations until the water receded and power outages.    I woke up in the morning and was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding, so I had the husband go out in the jeep and take a look at how bad the flooding was and boy was it bad around here.

Amanda texted me so sweetly in the morning and told me that “If I wanted to come to the wedding, it was still going to happen.”  I giggled a little bit because there was no way I was going to miss  their wedding.  I told her if I had to take a canoe to the venue, I would be there.  I haven’t missed or even been late for a wedding… and I wasn’t about to let Matthew get in the way of Amanda and Tripps big day!


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Thank to the amazing vendors who helped make their day go off without a hitch.  It wouldn’t have been possible without them!

Venue:  Yacht Club at Marina Shores

Caterer: Cuisine and Company

Dress Designer: Marisa

Mens Tux: The Black Tux

DJ: Astro Entertainment

Officiant: Cathi Warfel

Cake:  incredible edibles bakery

Florist: Black Iris Florals

Photo Booth:  Boardwalk Photo Booth Company




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