Yes, You Really Do Need An (Updated) Headshot

Today we’re talking headshots! Many of today’s professionals fall into two categories: 1) They do not have a headshot, mostly because they hate having their photo taken; or 2) They have one, but it’s 10+ years old.  Either way, I’m here to tell you that it is time to finally get or update your professional portrait. Here’s a few reasons why:


Local recognition

A great portrait will allow people to see and remember your face. The next time you’re at a conference, convention, or networking event, they’ll be able to spot you and know what you have to offer. They will also know what to expect when meeting with you for the first time, such as at a coffee shop for a meeting. First impressions can make or break you sometimes, and a professional headshot is likely to give you extra brownie points before you even start communicating with a prospect or customer!

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Increases Likability

Professional or corporate portraits instantly add genuineness and likeability to your website or marketing materials. There are many uses for your headshot, including your Facebook business page, printed business cards, printed flyers and banners, your website’s blog, guest posts on other’s websites, your LinkedIn profile, and so on. Customers can tell when your website is full of stock photos, and this doesn’t necessarily feel welcoming. Seeing your smiling face will make them feel like they already know a little about you and your biz!


Most Professionals Have One

This reason is pretty self-explanatory but honestly, most professionals have one! You’ll stand out more if you don’t have one. Don’t get caught with your pants down in the event that someone asks you for your headshot. And depending on how old your current headshot is, people will be able to tell if you look ten years younger online when they meet you in person (trust me, I wish this wasn’t so… but such is life). I’ve also been told by fellow professionals that they immediately perceive someone as a more confident businessman/businesswoman if they have a charming, quality headshot.

sami roy photography professional headshot photographer in virginia beach

Professional portraits have become a standard in today’s workforce, whether you work at home or in an office. Contact me to learn about my experience in headshots and my rates for you and your staff!


Interested in setting up a professional session? Lets chat!


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