Wedding Day Essentials


If there is one thing that I’ve learned as a wedding photographer, it’s that something will be lost, forgotten or misplaced.  Thats why I put together this list of wedding day essentials for you! It’s inevitable, there are too many wheels turning at once and too many things in motion.

I’ve come up with a list of things that brides, a Maid of Honor or even a bridesmaid can prepare for the big day that will fix any situation that may pop up unexpectedly.  And guess what, you’ll be the hero for saving the day!

Wine out 

First off, let me just say that wine out saved the day on my OWN wedding day!  Story time:  My florist unfortunately neglected to remove the stamen out of the lilies in my bouquet and when I grabbed my flowers and posed for my first photo, my photographer had a look of horror on her face and I had no idea why.  I had a lovely yellow and orange pollen smudge all over my chest.   Yikes!  Suddenly, my coordinator ran into her office and returned with this tiny bottle of magic and the pollen stain was gone! Think of it like a Shout pen, but for your wedding day. I also like it call it my superhero because it saved the day!


Extra bobby pins + hair ties

After a few glasses of champagne and a few dances, you’re hair may fall down. It’s always good to have a few extra in case your hairdo comes undone.


Double-sided Tape

I keep a roll of double sided tape in my camera bag (and in my car) just in case I run out on wedding days.   I have been able to save the day more than once with double sided tape.  Sometimes the girl’s dresses just don’t fit how they did at the fitting and the ladies need a little extra support (even just to hold it in place for the ceremony and formal photos). I would be lying if I said I didn’t also use this myself at times during non-photoshoot days.


Spray can of deodorant

If you sweat as much as I do, listen up ladies!  After carrying around cameras and running around to capture every moment, I reach for a spray can of deodorant. This is also a MUST if you are getting married in the warmer months of the year!



This is almost a no brainer!  You can get little packs of tissues for less than a dollar at any store.  Weddings are emotional and filled with so much joy, there is bound to be a teary-eyed friend or relative that does not have tissues handy.  Voila… you are there to save the day! You could even consider setting them out where your guests will be sitting during the ceremony, or gifting them to your bridesmaids during your getting ready session!


Blotting Paper

Wedding days are long!  Throughout the day, you might find yourself feeling a little bit oily or sweaty.  Be sure to bring some blotting papers so that you can easily dry your skin without wiping off any makeup (that stuff might have taken hours to put on, after all!).


Needle and Thread/Safety Pins

Mini sewing kits have all the essentials when you need to fix a dress emergency. The last thing you need is a wardrobe malfunction, right?!


Pain Reliever / Advil

Because what if Aunt Nancy gets a headache or your bridesmaid’s joints are achy? You’ll be there to save the day.



It’s great to have cash for tipping your vendors!



Need I say more? Don’t let rain ruin your wedding day (or your photos!).

Extra pairs of panty hose

Don’t risk a run in your panty hose (if you are wearing them). Bring an extra pair!


Band-Aids / First Aid-Kit

In case you or someone else’s feet are blistered from all that dancin’! And a first-aid kit for true emergencies.


Extension Cord

With everyone using curling irons and making sure their phones are charged, it never hurts to have extra extension cords!


Don’t have the time to put together your own Wedding Day Essentials kit?  You can buy them all made up for you!  There are tons of options but these are a few of my favorites:

Minimergency Kit for Her from Sephora

Wedding Survival Kit from Beau Coup


Until Next time!  ~

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