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Being a business owner is everything I ever wished it would be, but I think most would agree that it certainly has it’s learning curve. That’s why for this week’s Thursday Things I’ve decided to focus on my favorite business essentials as a photographer. These things have helped me survive and thrive as I’ve grown as a professional.

My Favorite Business Essentials

MileIQ app.  Keeping track of my business mileage has never been so easy! This useful little mobile app tracks all of my mileage for my business and personal. This makes tax time a breeze!

Honeybook.  There are no words to explain how much more organized my business life has gotten since I’ve invested in Honeybook.  It keeps all of my client’s information, agreements and invoices all in one spot.  A nice little tool that keeps Sami Roy Photography when sometimes I can barely keep my head on straight! I could honestly write an entire blog post on why I love honeybook so much… maybe that will be a blog later on.

Thank you Honeybook, for saving my life.  You are my favorite business essential!

Clydesdale Camera Harness. This is THE best “wedding date” for a photographer. To get the best shots, I carry two camera with me to every wedding – one for macro, close-up shots and one for traditional portraits and such. These keeps my two cameras easily accessible at all times. Not to mention, they are handcrafted, top-quality leather and I know they will last me for many years! They can also be easily adjusted for all sizes, heights, and preferences.

Joby UltraFit Sling Strap. For small sessions, such as mini-sessions or beach portraits, I use this bad boy! This keeps my camera safe and secure against my body while I’m consulting my client for poses, varying backdrops, etc. I love a good “no fuss” product that’s simple to use!

CamCard: Just like any business professional, I am always giving out and receiving business cards. And while I am a pad-and-paper girl at heart most of the time, you can’t beat the convenience of this app. I just scan each business card that I have and I instantly have them at my finger tips at any moment. This is also perfect when I’m recommending local vendors to my clients or other professionals. “Oh, you need a DJ that specializes in children’s birthday parties? Here, let me just pull up his number!” It’s really as simple as that with this app.

Lightroom & Photoshop. I don’t have to harp on this too much, most photographer’s probably either use (or have used) these programs. But it’s definitely one of the first things I became educated in and purchased.  These programs should be on every photographers “business essentials” list.

Sigma Art 50mm: This is my all-time favorite photo lens:  It works great with my Canon camera and my images are always so sharp (even before editing!). It’s bokeh abilities are hard to beat, too. If I had to have ONE lens to do all of my photos, it’d definitely be this guy.

My bookeeper, Mars Budget Consulting: M.A.R’s Budget Consulting is an absolutely wonderful bookeeper based here in Hampton Roads. She is the reason I have extra time to spend with my baby boy and get sleep, as opposed to staying up all night crunching numbers and avoiding tax season like the plague!  Regardless of where you are located, I highly recommend finding a bookkeeper that can help you with your books!

Tell me your favorite tools or items for your business, regardless of your line of work! Or let me know if you’ll be using one of mine. I love passing along the word about my go to resources!

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Talk to you next week! – Sami

*This post does not contain any affiliate links, and I do not receive profit in any way from the above mentioned brands. These are my own personal opinion and endorsements.

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