How to Prepare for a Spring Photo Session

Spring is the perfect time to do a photoshoot –

the warm light, nature is blooming, and the warm sunshine is perfect for portraits. Many new clients that I meet ask how they can prepare for their shoot after they’ve booked their shoot date. Below are some helpful suggestions on what to expect, how to prepare, how to dress and more:

1) Location

If you do not have a location in mind, I will work with you to find an exciting springtime location, with beautiful buds, new blooms and bulbs arriving.  I have a few special places up my sleeve for portraits, but if you have somewhere that you know – or is special to you – I’m happy to work with you. Not to mention, I love discovering new-to-me locations in Hampton Roads!

2) Timing & Scheduling

Don’t schedule your session too late – especially because of warming temperatures.  Ask your photographer for the best “light times” for your scheduled day if you are seeking a certain warmth or style for your photos. Also pay attention to nature and what will be blooming!

Sometimes you only have a small window to get just the right shot! Cherry blossoms bloom for only a short time, luckily we timed it just right for these maternity photos!

3) Clothing

One word: LAYERS.  As amazing as Spring weather is, it can be a bit unpredictable at times. Layers mean we can adjust with the temperature quickly and easily.  You don’t want to be overheating or jittering during your session. For senior and engagement portraits, feel free to bring extra clothing items for a variety of outfits in your photos! (Keep in mind that changing clothing will affect your appointment time.)

4) Colors

Use the colors of springtime in your wardrobe and accessories, such as green, blues, pinks and yellows. For group portraits, choose a color theme that the entire group can participate in – this really pulls a large group together! Denim jeans are a go-to here because most people own a pair of jeans, no matter what age.  I’ve also pinned some great photoshoot outfit inspirations to my pinterest page here.

5) Accessories

Match your accessories to your clothes.  In general, you want either big and chunky (always a great way to make a statement and tie in some color!) or small and discrete. Finely worked jewelry tends not to work too well in photographs so keep it simple!  Also avoid any long necklaces that get tangled easily or do not lay flat easily. For women, hair accessories can be a really wonderful way to add an accessory or color to your overall look.


6) Shoes

If you are unsure about your shoe choice, bring a couple extra pairs along just in case!  Although those showers bring spring flowers, they can also make the ground a little muddy.  Sneakers, sandals and flats are great. Boots can work too – but leave those furry winter boots at home… we are all done with winter around here.  😉


Extra tips:

– Arrive 10-15 minutes early!  Unfortunately, I cannot keep the sun up — so if we run late, it is a race against the sun to get your photos finished!

– Get plenty of rest the night before and drink a ton of water. While not a rule, it’s encouraged that you steer away from anything that may dehydrate you or make your skin puffy (Sorry – save the bloody marys and wine for after your session!)

– Plan around kiddos nap and meal times. As a mom, I get that this one can be a challenge!

Want to schedule a spring portrait session with Sami Roy Photography? Contact me and we can set up your session!

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