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I have the honor of photographing some of the most beautiful weddings here in Hampton Roads and beyond.  My Sami Roy Couples trust me to capture their day from start to finish so that they can remember every detail of their day from putting on the wedding dress to waving farewell to their family and friends at the end of their spectacular night.  

Wedding photography at its core is creating memories and capturing emotion and I love every moment of it.

Couples & Engagements

It truly is a pleasure being a part of a couple’s wedding journey!  One thing that I love about being chosen as a wedding photographer is the opportunity to capture a couple’s engagement photos, as well! This gives me a chance to get to know the couple and do a little “practice round” before the big day!

I want my couples to be comfortable with me and to trust me to capture their authentic relationship.


I LOVE capturing the uniqueness of every family: each family member has a unique personality and perspective, and I love the family dynamics when everyone gets together to have a good time.

I also love to watch my families grow.  The families I photograph become friends of mine and I’m always excited to see them year after year and for each milestone in their lives! 

Providing you with images that you will hang on your walls, share with your friends and family and cherish for years to come is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.    


Maternity portraits are full of connections, and those connections tell such a marvelous story.  

Maternity photography is also a way to celebrate a mother’s body and the amazing things it is going through.  I find the changes of a woman’s body, her glow, and the radiance of pregnancy so captivating.  It’s no tiny task to grow a baby, trust me, I’ve grown one!  It requires a great deal of strength and the beauty of it is undeniably powerful.

I truly fell in love with Maternity Photography when I was pregnant with my son, Grant.

Pregnancy is truly a beautiful thing that deserves to be photographed.  

Babies & Children

Photographing babies and children is just the BEST.  I love marveling at their tiny little features, and being in awe of how quickly they change and move through the stages of childhood, when they visit me yearly for updated pictures. 

I see this in my own son; I have such a hard time remembering him being so tiny and I’m glad I have all of the photographs to remember it all!

It is a true victory when you’re able to get their faces to light up and warm you with the most unaffected smiles and belly laughs you could imagine.  

Headshots & Branding 

A great professional portrait is simple, powerful and creates an invaluable connection between you and your potential clients, current customers or colleagues.  Most first impressions these days are made online. Having an images that truly represent who you are is not only necesary—it’s crucial. 

I love helping individuals or small businesses create a set of powerful images that dive deeper into the story of who they are and connect them with their audience in a meaningful way.

Showing up in your brand through these photos is going to transform your business. The power of storytelling through your photos will help you make that deeper connection with your audience. I can’t wait for that to happen for you.

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DISCLAIMER: While I can personally and professionally vouch for having an extraordinary experience with each an every one of these local vendors, please note that they do not work for me and therefore I cannot be held accountable for your personal experience if you decide to work with them.

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