5 Ideas for Telling Your Love Story in Your Engagement Session

What we want to do is really tell your love story through your engagement photos.

Now some of those will be a range of cuddly, romantic poses. But, how about if we can really personalise it around you and your love story?

1) Where was the proposal location? 

What about if the location of the proposal is where you have your engagement session? If it was a restaurant then most establishments are really happy to help you re-create the scene. Did you say “yes” in a pretty park? Then we already have a gorgeous site all lined up. Were you on vacation at some far off beach destination- well I’m game, lets book the tickets 😉

2) Where did you meet? 

Same goes for this location as the the proposal location. If it was a pub, concert or sports event, again the most venues are usually really happy to help and love the idea of sharing their space for your photos.

In both cases it is really nice to send them some photos afterwards. We will provide the release and sharing information photographs are properly credited.

3) What are your common interests? 

Do you like dancing, let’s re-create your favorite dance in the middle of a field while the sun is setting behind you! Do you play sports or are you a die hard fan of a certain team? Sports jerseys, scarves, and sports wear all make wonderful props, extra points if we can get into the stadium for the photo session!

4 )Do you have pets?

Pets are especially excellent welcome to join in on your session, especially when they are part of your family. I’m happy to coordinate with you to accommodate whatever kind of pet you want to bring into your photo session; Cats, horses, cows, alpacas…. maybe even snakes and spiders, but you’ll just have to keep those last two away from me, lol.

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5) What about your personalities? 

Are you quiet and loving, we can set you up for some beautiful, cosy, lovey-dovey photographs. Are you loud and boisterous and always out to have a good time – then we can do something much more exuberant. And if you want both, then that’s fine too!

sami roy photography, engagement sessions, virginia beach photographer, capturing your love story

All my engagement sessions aim to portray the whole you and your whole love story, so its my goal to give you images that you’ll love and look back on for years to come! Head on over to my engagement session gallery to see some more recent sessions!

If you would like to book your love story photoshoot, lets chat!!

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