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York University Deferred Standing Agreement Form

4. Documentation – A deferred implementation/extension of the delayed permanent information form is required (one for each course). The evidence to support your justification is essential. You must provide original documents to support the reasons for the petition. The university requires the completion of a York-Physician (APS) medical declaration form to document medical reasons. Medical consultations must have taken place within 48 hours of the missed final exam or the time to present the semesters. If you are unable to write a legal exam on your scheduled date due to religious obligations, see the guidelines for religious compliance and accommodation. 2) Access the School of Administrative Studies` DSA system by clicking on the link above, logging in with your Id Of York passport id and password, and filling out the online form; Note: If students cannot or cannot take a mid-term exam (not for the duration of the formal exam), other arrangements must be made for the mid-term exam during the course by the course director and individual students, at the discretion of the course director. The deferred agreement does not apply. From time to time, a student may become ill, have a personal or family emergency, or have a religious observance that must ask for special consideration for an alternative appointment to write his final exam or submit his exceptional courses beyond the last day of class.

Students in these situations can apply for a deferred application. Can`t find what you`re looking for? It can be available on or My Online Services. 2. There is a time limit for submitting a deferred term application: fourteen calendar days from the date of a missed final examination or, with respect to permanent work, fourteen calendar days from the deadline for submitting semi-annual work. The deadline for filing an application for an extension of the deferral period is only seven calendar days after the missed deferred review or the delayed deadline. If you miss the filing deadline, you must explain and document the deadline. For course work, the agreement will set, at the discretion of the manager, another deadline for submission beyond the end of the period. 4) Send the DSA form to main office of the School of Administrative Studies, For final exams, the agreement allows you to write at another time. Note that manufacturing dates can be predefined and procedures vary by department. This information is normally available in exchange prices. A deferred position may be granted to students who are unable to write their final exam on the scheduled date or submit their course thesis until the semi-annual submission date.

To apply for a deferred application, students must complete a final exam or deferred permanent contract transfer form ( and agree directly with the course leader on another exam date or additional time.