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Worksheet 1 Subject Verb Disagreement Answers Mcgraw Hill

Label each verb in the following sentences with a “V” and each subject with an “S.” If the verbs are wrong, get them out and write the right form in space. The verb is the most important part of a sentence, but verbs are not always easy to recognize. Consider the word swim in the phrases Ducks swim in the pond and ducks like to swim. In the first sentence, swimming is the verb. In the second sentence, swimming is part of a Nov. phrase (Swimming is what ducks love.) So how do we recognize verbs? Phrases like Sam and Bob are plural, but phrases like Sam, in addition to Bob, are unique. Sentences that begin as well as …, with …, with …, or more… Are switches that are not part of the main subject. The theme of the verb is man. But people spend badly, because editions are the 12th mathematics and history (is/are) my favorite subjects.

These rules will help you verify that a verb in “number” corresponds to its subject: the theme of the verb is pending people. But people spend badly, because spending is the “third person” form of the singular – as he says – but people are plural, that`s how the expression should be expressed by people. Normally, the subject comes before the verb, but the reverse clauses have the subject according to the verb. For example, the sentences that start There are … Or there`s… they are reversed. To check the subject-verb chord in these sentences, “unthred” you first. Verbs that follow form A or B, and neither A nor B should correspond to B, the noun closer to the verb. This sentence contains two related ideas, so that it contains two clauses and therefore two verbs: each verb must correspond to its subject in number (singular or plural).

Disagreement between subjectverb is one of the most common errors tested at the SAT. If you are a native English speaker, the best way to look for subject-verbal disagreements is to find the subject and the verb (ignore all the words in between) and say them together. A verb gives the essential meaning of a clause (a set of words that convey an idea). Every idea requires a verb. The phrase Ducks swim in the pond says that something floats somewhere, so that the verb is floating. The phrase Ducks like to swim says that something likes something, so the verb is love. Each verb requires a subject, that is, what makes the verb. In both sentences, ducks are the subject. A verb may also require an object, that is, what the verb receives. In Ducks love to swim, the goal is to swim, because that`s what we love. Circle the pattern in each sentence and select the right verb. The subject of a sentence must correspond to the verb of the sentence: “unthred” the following sentences, so that the verb follows the subject, and then choose the correct form of verb.

11. Your contract will last another three years. People who are easily convinced by corporate-sponsored media. . . . To search for the ESD, you can replace each of them. . 9. None of the cars are/are equipped with anti-lock brakes.

. 15. Sponsorship of non-profit foundation and tutoring programs has been widely praised by philanthropic organizations. _______________ . . . . 5. s: a theater and a toy store, v: was (alternatively) .

30. Never before have such voices been heard.