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Which Of The Following Purports To Be A Free-Trade Agreement

3. A party that recognizes the surveillance measures covered in paragraph 2 provides another party with an appropriate opportunity to demonstrate the existence of circumstances in which regulation, control, implementation of the regulation and, where appropriate, procedures for the exchange of information between the parties concerned exist or would be put in place. (i) maritime transport and commercial aviation, as well as launch and space cargo (including satellites), with insurance covering one or all of the following goods: the goods transported, the vehicle carrying the goods and any liability that results from them, and 3. Each contracting party provides that the preliminary decisions are in effect from their date of issuance or from another date set in the decision. , provided that the facts or circumstances on which the judgment is based remain unchanged. 1. When an investor submits an application for arbitration under Chapter 10 B (Investor-State-Debat) to a contracting party and the respondent invokes section 12.10 as a defence, the following provisions apply: c) The exporting party conducts a review in accordance with point (a) (a) (i), whether or not the importer seeks preferential tariff treatment for the textile or garment product for which a right has originally been invoked. negotiated restructuring: the restructuring or rescheduling of a debt title resulting (i) of a modification or modification of that debt, in accordance with its terms, or (ii) of a full debt swap or similar process by which holders of at least 75% of the total amount of debt issued on that security have agreed to such a debt swap or other procedure. (5) For better security, this chapter does not apply to the acquisition of banking, financial or specialized services in the following activities: (c) provides sufficient information to enable the secretariat to verify the presentation, including all written evidence on which the presentation may be based and the identification of environmental laws to which non-application is applicable; 2 For the purposes of Article 18.2: (1), “covered agreements” include existing or future protocols, amendments, annexes and adaptations under the applicable agreement to which both parties are parties; and (2) A party`s “obligations” must be interpreted as reflecting, among other things, existing and future reservations, exceptions and exceptions applicable to it under the agreement concerned. b) when the purchasing company has made selective offers from the date it invites suppliers to bid.