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Tomb Agreement Definition

That was exactly the plan for Jesus. When they wrapped his body in a shroud, they were expected to return a year later, pick up his bones and put those bones in a leg house. But they needed a grave, and they needed it quickly. They had to face preparations and funerals before the Sabbath began. Fortunately, one person came to the aid. This is how Matthew records the event: in the same way, they do not mix families in the same tomb. Throughout the Old Testament, we see family burials. As a person ages, there is a desire to return to the family home to be buried with other family members (Genesis 49:29-32, 2 Samuel 19:37) The usual practice was that a family grave belonged only to the members of that family. This meant to Joseph of Arimathea that he abandoned his grave forever.

By allowing the body of Jesus to be buried in his brand new tomb, never used before, he lost his right or the right of his family members to use this tomb. In the future, only members of Jesus` family will be able to place their bodies there. Joseph should leave and have a new grave carved for himself and his family. Biblical reports on burial arrangements show that Jews are generally very careful in preparing the body for funerals. Family and friends washed the body of the deceased, rubbed it with oil and spices and wrapped it in wipes. The body was then placed in a family grave cut from the rock. Inside, a number of niches were carved, where the bodies of deceased family members were placed. After one year (enough time to break down the meat), the dried bones were collected and placed in a stone box called leg ssiar. In this way, the family could make room in the grave for future funerals. Note that she uses the body of Jesus wrapped, but not flavored or oil scents. It was not time to prepare his body for the funeral. That is why the women returned to the grave on Sunday morning, after the Sabbath.

They had planned to unpack Jesus, rub the oil and spices on his body, re-wrapp the wipes around him, and then return a year later. Only when they arrived at the grave early in the morning… Wait, I`m coming in front of me. There is more to say about the events of Friday before arriving at the surprise on Sunday.