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The Definition Of Broad Agreement

There is now a broad consensus that the government was right in this solution. Agreement – Nounzuner 1 Contract/ADJECTIVE Decision ▪ draft ▪ The draft treaty will be ready before the meeting. formal ▪, signed, written ▪ mandatory … The broad, wide, deep dictionary collocations mean with horizontal scope. width and width on a measured surface or side-to-side view. A wide wide avenue is more common when measuring units are mentioned eight-foot wide carpets or applied to unfilled space between borders. a wide wide door is preferable if the full horizontal extent is taken into account. Deep broad shoulders may indicate the horizontal extent away from the observer or a forward or peripheral point. A deep wardrobe of deep broad wood – 1 Adjective 1 WIDE a street, river, or part of someone`s body, etc. that is wide: we walked along a wide passage of carpet.

| He was six metres tall, had broad shoulders and thin hips. | 6 feet/3 meters, etc. The distance was three meters… Longman dictionary of broad contemporary English – I UK [br`d] / US [br`d] Adjective Word Forms broad: adjective wide compare the broader superlative -1) a) wide It was of medium height, but had very broad shoulders. a wide shady path With a wide arm pivot, he indicated… French Dictionary The road crossed a wide area of flooded fields. The party is now fighting to maintain a broad political base. Our radio station plays a wide spectrum of popular music. They make too many general generalizations about people. broad — broad1 W2S2 [bro:d US bro:d] adj ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1 (breit)” 2 (including a quantity) . Dictionary of contemporary English We need to define a broad strategy for future development. broad — adj.

VERBS ▪ ADVERB ▪ extreme, fair, very, etc. ▪ reasonable, relatively … Collocations Dictionary It is conservative, in the broadest sense of the term. German-Russian Dictionary Policy > broad consensus There is a broad consensus on the destination of Poland. The brood of medium English, br`d of ancient English; similar to the wide old German It was of medium height, but had very broad shoulders. wide — broad1 [brd] Adjective – 1. wide: It was of a medium height, but had very broad shoulders. a wide shady path With a wide swing of his arm, he indicated the city among us. a large area (a large area): the road crossed a wide… The use of words and phrases in modern English is wide — [[t]brɔ͟ːd[/t]♦♦ wide, wide, wide, 1) ADJ GRADED What is wide is wide. His shoulders were wide and his waist narrow… The hills rise in green and just above the wide river.

… a large area of green lawn. Ant: narrow 2)… … French Dictionary We support the broad objectives underlying this bill. The People`s Conventions — The documents called People`s Agreements were manifestos for the constitutional changes of the English state, which were published between 1647 and 1649. Several different versions of the agreement have been published, each to a wide range of… Wikipedia This chapter can only give a rough overview of the subject.

> With a broad stroke of his arm, he pointed the city among us. > German-Soviet agreement on borders and trade agreements – Soviet and border agreement signed on January 10, 1941 Moscow, Russian SFSR, signatory to the Soviet Union… Wikipedia.