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Rental Agreement Pets Clause

In this week`s #AskTDS, we answer an owner`s question: “Can I use a pet clause to protect myself from pet damage?” Tenants with pets may find it difficult to find a place to live; The idea of animals in their properties can strike fear in the hearts of some owners. The standard expectation of all tenants is to return the property to the state it was in at the beginning, allowing for fair wear and tear. The simple act of using standard clauses makes it difficult for homeowners to deduct money from the deposit for damage, professional cleaning or parasitic treatment. I rent through an owner. Two years ago, my mother moved in. Before she did, I asked the owner if she could bring her dog. I had not allowed pets before. I wasn`t sure the owner would agree with that, and I was willing to find an alternative to my mother if they said no. The owner verbally told me that I could keep a pet in the accommodation, and a section appeared in my contract that reflected that.

But now my landlord tells me that they can`t find evidence that the owner gives permission for pets in the accommodation, and they keep checking. The woman also explained that she didn`t feel like she was keeping a dog in my place, and that none of her other pets were allowed (I`m in an apartment, but I also live in a park – you go outside the building and you`re literally in the park). I`ve been there for over 10 years. I don`t know what to do and I`m really angry. I don`t feel able to contact the owners directly because they weren`t very open to communication in the past and I have to go through the owner. “In addition, it is agreed between the landlord and the tenant that the landlord authorizes the tenant to keep in the apartment, for the duration of the lease, a pet called “Insert the animal name” (“The pet” (“The pet”). The tenant undertakes not to keep or authorize other pets or animals of any kind on the property without the prior written consent of the owner. The use of specific clauses to take into account particular circumstances leaves less room for controversies over the tenant`s liability and whether deposit deductions are appropriate. With laminate, you`ll find far fewer problems with pets. In fact, at our new location, I agreed with the owners to change the flooring of a couple room with dirty and horrible old carpets, and instead be rolled at our own expense before moving in, so they agreed that we would keep our pets. We are about to rent our property, we have four beautiful dogs behaving well themselves and they live in a built-in space near our kitchen that has the dog hatch outside. Personally, as an owner, I don`t want to have my dogs in the house for various reasons.

When I spoke to an owner to say that we were considering pets, but we would prefer the dogs to stay in the specially constructed space, she said that we could not put that in a pet clause. I would leave her on the ground floor reluctantly, but certainly not upstairs, but again, she said you shouldn`t brag. I fully understand that it is mainly because it cannot be controlled by the police and it would work on a basis of trust. If we consider the difficulty of renting with pets, can we put clauses like “not on the rise”, even though I accept that it cannot be examined by the police? A consultation, please? I hope someone can help you! When my partner and I agreed to our new rental, it was on the condition that one day we have a dog. The real estate agent at the time of the contract was made said that if we had actually decided to have a dog, we would deal with the pet clause. Well, that moment has come and the agent has in his cl