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Crunch Agreement Number

Childcare services are booked according to the “First Come, First Served” because the number is limited. If a child is not booked, they must return to the main Crunch Fitness reception before participating to book them. Reservations can be made at Crunch Fitness, either in person or by phone. *The general conditions of sale apply. The contest will start on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 and will end on Sunday, February 28, 2021. The award will be presented to NeV Australia Pty Ltd on Tuesday 9 March 2021 and will be announced on Instagram @crunchfitnessau and Facebook @crunchaustralia until Friday 19 March 2021. 5 winners (via NSW & VIC) win 1 x Joovv Solo 3.0 + Boot Floor Stand. Winners must be an Australian member crunch fitness member with a good reputation. Total price over $12,300. NeV Australia Pty Ltd is not liable for any damages caused by the acceptance or use of the prize. Crunch is not responsible for the loss of prizes during distribution to the winner.

The prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, and depending on government policies and restrictions, the conditions of participation may vary by club. The prize must be claimed before Friday, April 16, 2021. NeV Australia staff and family members are not allowed to enter the prize draw. The winner is required to participate, if necessary, in certain marketing/promotional activities around the contest. In the event that a prize is not available due to circumstances not controlled by Crunch Fitness, a replacement prize of a similar value will be awarded at Crunch Fitness`s discretion. Joovv 3.0 is expected to be delivered in January by Joovv US and Crunch Fitness is not responsible for delays in the shipment of Joovv and the winners who will receive the prize. License number: TP/00474. You will find more information on the website. “Rules” means the rules that are binding applicable to all members, visitors and guests, which are communicated to you by signage, handouts or our website ( To find the address of your gym, go to find your club page. When you arrive at your gym page, the mailing address can be found in the main image on the page.

The “CONTACT” section of this image contains other ways to stay in touch with your gym, including the email address. We ask for patience and understanding, as we work with a small staff. To cancel your Crunch subscription by phone or email, make sure you have been a member for at least one year to avoid additional administrative fees in the event of early termination. After verifying your contract, call 888-227-8624 and inform the representative that you wish to terminate your account. After verifying your account, the representative will inform you of any necessary fees, for example. B payment of unpaid fees. If you prefer to resign by mail, write a letter to your crunch fitness site in which you clearly state your request to terminate your membership. Include your membership number, name, billing address, and crunch site address in your letter. To learn how to cancel your Crunch membership on a crunch site, read on! The rules, these general terms and conditions of sale, the health check questionnaire and your membership application form constitute the entire agreement between the parties (“the agreement”). All prior assurances or documents, whether provided by Crunch Fitness or its representatives or collaborators, are excluded from this Agreement. While billing policies may vary a bit between our company-owned gyms and our independent gyms, our goal is to resolve any billing issues once the gyms reopen.

Members receive an adjustment or credit applied to their membership, in the same value as the number of days the gym was closed….