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Busta House Agreement

So far, there has been no public consultation on the wind farm, and to date, the deal remains secret to the public because of “trade secrets”. Thank you for visiting our site (“the Site”). While it`s never easy to get away from a home — especially when your heart is there — there may be cases where you need it. An agreement on the terms of payment between two parties. The sections include the amount of payments, the payment plan, the stakeholders. The signing of the partnership agreement at Busta House in 2007 is Councillor Drew Ratter, Shetland Islands Council Convener Sandy Cluness and Chairman SSE Sir Robert Smith, now Lord Smith of Kelvin Viking Energy is a business partnership between Viking Energy Shetland LLP and SSE Viking Ltd, a subsidiary of SSE plc. Following an agreement reached between the partners in May 2019, SSE will provide all future financing for the wind farm. Now that the Supreme Court has upheld the Scottish Government`s approval for the VEWF, there is a risk, as suggested by the UK and Scottish Governments, that more wind farms will be built in Shetland to justify the connecting cable; The northern and western islands are regarded as the `power stations` of renewable energies, without taking into account the environment or the overall impact on the Community and with dubious economic justification. A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties starting with an offer from one person, but only. But with all the supposed riches, we still can`t or won`t occupy our home. A little bonanza! And the city councillors want to increase our population! An “as is” clause in a sales contract does not necessarily protect the seller from general law. SSE has extensive experience in the construction and operation of on-line and offshore wind farms. Currently, there are nearly 60 in service or in development in the UK and Ireland.

The SIC`s approval contradicted the advice of its planners, who had recommended the opposition on the grounds that the wind farm had breached Shetland`s local development plan. Anything but free or very cheap energy for Shetland and/or a decent percentage is a sell-off/scam….