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Bsd Collective Agreement

1. A permanent worker may apply in writing for leave from a full-time job to accept a non-permanent part-time job in the district. Such an application is no more than one year old and is generally submitted until April 1. This leave plan, if agreed by the worker and the district, is reduced to the letter indicating the percentage of the working time used by the worker and signed by the worker and the district. Any changes to this agreement are agreed in writing and signed by the worker and the district. 1. Authorization – Wage deductions for association fees continue to apply to workers who have previously authorized such deductions and to the approval of all workers who do so, in accordance with the BEA Automatic Dues Deduction Plan (JULY 2, 2001). New authorizations may be provided to the payroll office through published salary data. Any worker who wishes to be paid by the contributions is withdrawn if he informs the association and the wage settlement body in writing on October 1. The association will be allocated one hundred and fifty (150) days per year, which is why As reimburses the replacement rate to the borough. A maximum of ten (10) of these days can be used by each member of the BEA per year.

These days will be in addition to all the other days that will be made available to the association on the terms of this agreement. During the negotiation years, the district may agree on additional days for collective bargaining. In addition to the dates mentioned above, daily, which are set by each other by the District and the BEA for all trading sessions, are not included in the above limits. In unusual circumstances, such as the BEA president.B prolonged absence or the extension of the DUA treasurer`s duties, the parties will cooperate to grant sufficient association leave to the VICE-President of the BEA and/or the Treasurer beyond the limits of Article 2-I of the agreement. This agreement enters into force on July 1, 2019 and applies until June 30, 2021. The provisions of this Agreement also apply to all members of the bargaining unit, regardless of physical or perceived race, skin colour, religion, sex, sex, sexual orientation, sexual expression, ethnic or national origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, family status, economic status, veteran status or a perceived or actual relationship with others. The complaints in this section are the tradesman and/or the supervisory authority will provide a written statement on the additional work to be done. If such work is to be carried out during the summer holidays, the declaration will be submitted by May 15. The supervisor (with consultation and agreement with cost centre 1. In this agreement, the “workers” are all members of the unit. Contract workers are employees who work in the borough for no less than three consecutive years and who have been reappointed by the borough for the next school year at the end of these three (3) years.

The test officer is a worker employed by the district for less than three (3) consecutive years. 2. The agreement does not confer fair dismissal rights that are not otherwise conferred by law. The needs of our students and the needs of the changing world require that we stand together and continually improve the quality of education for all students. The standards of the past may not go far in the future of our students. That is why we must always try to set new standards and ensure justice for excellence for all. To improve quality and ensure fairness, we must constantly review and change our expectations, roles, responsibilities and practices.