Photo Booth//Glitter, Champagne and a Whole Lot of Photographs!

As a photographer, you never know what your next job is going to be like.  Every event is uniquely different which is one of the reasons why I love my job.  That being said, I was asked to photograph a surprise birthday party a few months ago and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

This was a party for a young man, lets call him S, and his friends put more effort into this party than some friends will do in a lifetime.  I just want to add that my friends are VERY thoughtful and wonderful!  (just in case any of you are reading 😉 )

Meet S’s friends:

Photo Booth

(I need to add that I did not provide the props, this was all part of their plan and I thought it was just wonderful!)

Once S got there they gave him a warm welcome with Champagne, silly string, glitter, screams, hugs and kisses.  He was extremely surprised and ecstatic to see all of the people who had come to see him (Once he rinsed the champagne out of his eyes, glitter out of his ears and changed his clothes)

Birthday Boy


The rest of the party was spent taking photos of the guests wearing whatever props and in whatever pose they felt comfortable in… and I must say that they felt comfortable doing pretty much anything!

They even took the camera for for a while so that my assistant (AKA Boyfriend J) and I, could partake in the fun.  I secretly wish that this group would have parties at least once a month and of course invite me back!